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xfnw 111a526de3 irssi: fix config 5 days ago
.baresip enable all the codecs that are installed by default 8 months ago
.config gimp: another palette 3 weeks ago
.emacs.d/lisp swap rest.ogg and work.ogg 6 months ago
.gnupg increse gpg agent unlock time 1 year ago
.irssi irssi: fix config 5 days ago
.local/share my bashblog modifications 3 years ago
.mutt muttrc: iconv with UTF-8 rather than UTF8 1 month ago
.ssh refactor ssh config 1 year ago
.urn/themes/standard emacs eww bind u to back 9 months ago
.vim vim mandoc output: more robust head replacement 2 months ago
.zsh update zsh-autosuggestions and set foreground to 8 11 months ago
Templates add andrew lee copypasta 2 years ago
bin cov: do not set LLVM_PROFILE_FILE 1 week ago
org org setupfile: add text alignment 1 month ago
.XCompose compose keybinds for lambda and better circled numbers 1 year ago
.Xmodmap fix man html generation so it has actually correct tags 2 years ago
.Xresources fix weird urxvt spacing issues 4 months ago
.bash_profile modified config 4 years ago
.bashrc uwu prompt 1 year ago
.emacs emacs org: add alternate C-M-RET binding for org-meta-return 2 months ago
.exrc remove extended from exrc 1 year ago
.fvwmrc add systat to menu 5 months ago
.ghci ghci show types automatically 8 months ago
.gitconfig set git gpg signing key 9 months ago
.gitignore vimrc: jump to last position after opening 12 months ago
.profile zstd's max compression is 19 not 22 8 months ago
.tmate.conf more tmux keybinds 2 years ago
.tmux.conf more tmux keybinds 2 years ago
.wgetrc time to make warc files oh yeah! 2 years ago
.xinitrc source xinit dbus stuff in xinitrc 1 year ago
.xscreensaver more screensavers 3 years ago
.zshrc gnuplot fix white lines of pixels at top and left 1 month ago