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Simple RSS/Atom feed downloader that saves items in a Maildir that can be read
with a MUA that supports Maildirs like (neo)mutt or aerc.
- C99 compatible compiler
- POSIX-compliant libc
- a way to pipe the feed data to rssdl
curl rss_url | rssdl maildir
rssdl maildir <feed.rss
For atom feeds, pipe the feed through atom_content.sed and then through rssdl.
curl atom_url | sed -f atom_content.sed rssdl maildir
sed -f atom_content.sed feed.atom | rssdl maildir
For certain feeds that use Dublin Core for specifying the published date, you
can use sed to change the timezone portion of the date to workaround strftime(3)
not recognizing colons in timezone offsets (%z).
curl rss_url | sed '/dc:date/s,:,,4' | rssdl maildir
sed '/dc:date/s,:,,4' feed.rss | rssdl maildir