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#ifndef __MCABBER_OTR_H__
#define __MCABBER_OTR_H__ 1
#include <libotr/instag.h>
#include <libotr/proto.h>
#include <libotr/message.h>
#include <libotr/privkey.h>
enum otr_policy {
void otr_init(const char *jid);
void otr_terminate(void);
void otr_establish (const char * buddy);
void otr_disconnect (const char * buddy);
void otr_fingerprint(const char * buddy, const char * trust);
void otr_print_info (const char * buddy);
void otr_smp_query (const char * buddy, const char * secret);
void otr_smp_respond(const char * buddy, const char * secret);
void otr_smp_abort (const char * buddy);
void otr_key (void);
int otr_receive (char **otr_data, const char * buddy, int * free_msg);
char *otr_send (const char * msg, const char * buddy, int * status);
#endif /* HAVE_LIBOTR */
int otr_enabled (void);
#endif /* __MCABBER_OTR_H__ */
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