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#define __MCABBER_LOGPRINT_H__ 1
#include <glib.h>
// Flags for scr_LogPrint()
#define LPRINT_NORMAL 1U // Display in log window
#define LPRINT_LOG 2U // Log to file (if enabled)
#define LPRINT_DEBUG 4U // Debug message (log if enabled)
#define LPRINT_NOTUTF8 8U // Do not convert from UTF-8 to locale
// For convenience...
void scr_print_logwindow(const char *string);
void scr_log_print(unsigned int flag, const char *fmt, ...) G_GNUC_PRINTF (2, 3);
void scr_do_update(void);
// For backward compatibility:
#define scr_LogPrint scr_log_print
#endif /* __MCABBER_LOGPRINT_H__ */
/* vim: set expandtab cindent cinoptions=>2\:2(0 sw=2 ts=2: For Vim users... */