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#define __MCABBER_HISTOLOG_H__ 1
#include <glib.h>
#include <mcabber/xmpp.h>
void hlog_enable(guint enable, const char *root_dir, guint loadfile);
char *hlog_get_log_jid(const char *bjid);
void hlog_read_history(const char *bjid, GList **p_buddyhbuf, guint width);
void hlog_write_message(const char *bjid, time_t timestamp, int sent,
const char *msg);
void hlog_write_status(const char *bjid, time_t timestamp,
enum imstatus status, const char *status_msg);
void hlog_save_state(void);
void hlog_load_state(void);
#endif /* __MCABBER_HISTOLOG_H__ */
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