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Please see the issue tracker for other features/bugs:
The following list isn't necessarily up-to-date:
* Improve the completion system
* Enable /roster search for offline (hidden) buddies (hidden groups, etc.)
* Publish personal information (a module exists)
* MUC: advanced settings for room creation
* MUC: ignore patterns
* "Offline roster" (when disconnected)
* Maybe cache iq:version and show version in /info, if available
* Sort roster by status
* 2-levels roster display (jids, resources)
* XEP-0186: Invisible
* "Ignore list" (privacy lists)
See XEP-0191: Simple Communications Blocking
* Human-readable key binding config?
* Possibility to hide log window(?)
* Improve /info, esp. in MUC rooms
* Data Forms (a module exists)
* File transfer!!
Cf. GSoC 2010:
* Commands:
- /roster enable|disable xml
- /highlight nick
- /info [jid]
(request info to the server if the buddy is not in the roster)
- /server register|unregister
- /search <jid>|name
(server search)