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mcabber (0.10.2)
* The FIFO and url_regex systems have been modularized.
Load the appropriate modules if you want these features
(the sample configuration file has been updated).
-- Mikael, 2012-07-28
mcabber (0.10.0)
* MCabber now uses the Loudmouth library (version 1.4.3 or greater).
* The JID should be provided in the configuration file, the variable
'username' has been replaced with 'jid'.
* The SSL/TLS-related options have changed; please check the new
sample configuration file.
* The UNREAD events now passes more data to the external script
(including the number of buffers with the attention sign,
the number of unread MUC buffers, and the number of unread MUC
buffers with the attention sign).
-- Mikael, 2010-04-11
mcabber (0.9.10)
* The spell checking related options have changed, please
check your configuration file.
-- Mikael, 2009-10-11
mcabber (0.9.5)
* The option 'otr' must now be set in the configuration file in
order to be able to use the OTR (Off-The-Record messaging)
-- Mikael, 2007-11-19
mcabber (0.9.4)
* The option 'hide_offline_buddies' is deprecated, the new option
roster_display_filter should be used instead.
-- Mikael, 2007-10-27
mcabber (0.9.1)
* The Ctrl-q binding is not hardcoded anymore and should be set in the
configuration file.
-- Mikael, 2007-02-10
mcabber (0.8.0)
* Mcabber now does SSL server certificate verification, and it is enabled
by default. You can disable the certificate verification with the
'ssl_verify' option. See the sample configuration file for details.
-- Mikael, 2006-08-13
mcabber (0.7.5)
* History log files are now stored using UTF-8 format.
If you have enabled history logging, you need to convert your existing
logfiles. For example, you can use the following command to convert
all ISO-8859-15 files in directory $histodir to UTF-8:
$ recode iso-8859-15..utf-8 $histodir/*
(There are other tools: convmv, utrac...)
* The names of the color options have changed, please check your
configuration file if you have customized your colors.
The sample config. file has been updated.
-- Mikael, 2006-04-03
mcabber (0.6.5)
* The "debug" option has been replaced with the tracelog_level and
tracelog_file options. The sample config. file has been updated,
so you should have a look at it if you want to use advanced logging.
-- Mikael, 2005-07-25
mcabber (0.6.4)
* The configuration file format has changed. Options need to be set using
the "set" keywords. The sample config. file has been updated.
-- Mikael, 2005-07-18
mcabber (0.6.2)
* Support for old style (i.e. < 0.6.1) history logfiles has been removed.
You can upgrade your logfiles with the script "contrib/"
if you haven't already done it.
* The colors option names have changed (and they aren't mandatory anymore).
Please look at the sample config. file to update your mcabberrc.
-- Mikael, 2005-07-11