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gitea-instances.txt Gitea Onion List - with info about signing up 1 month ago

[ Gitea 🧅 Onion Instances ]

Name URL
[HUMAN RIGHTS TECH] (RTP) http://gg6zxtreajiijztyy5g6bt5o6l3qu32nrg7eulyemlhxwwl6enk6ghad.onion
[] (Heimdall) http://pmo2bva2xhlxydq7zfswb6v4x4e32p3mj446tblj3hfi2rygh3lraqyd.onion
[] http://git.fwfwqtpi2ofmehzdxe3e2htqfmhwfciwivpnsztv7dvpuamhr72ktlqd.onion
[Nixnet Services] (Amolith) http://qt5vr747phiq55ubqip4hflmpygzl374mum2zbyqdxg6sqbngmzlqhid.onion
[Darktea] http://it7otdanqu7ktntxzm427cba6i53w6wlanlh23v5i3siqmos47pzhvyd.onion
[Kallist] http://gt.kallist4mcluuxbjnr5p2asdlmdhaos3pcrvhk3fbzmiiiftwg6zncid.onion
[Gogs] http://yylovpz7taca7jfrub3wltxabzzjp34fngj5lpwl6eo47ekt5cxs6mid.onion

Feel free to contribute any Gitea 🧅's or have anything to add info wise to this list.

Just open an Issue/Pull Request and I will try to get back to you and update this as fast as I can.