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# ____ ____ _ ______ _/ /_ __ ____________/ /_
# / __ \/ __ \ | / / __ `/ __ \/ / / / ___/ ___/ __/
# / / / / /_/ / |/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / (__ ) /_
# /_/ /_/\____/|___/\__,_/_.___/\__,_/_/ /____/\__/
# Lonely cyberspace witch.
# Interested in technology in general.
# Founder of https://shinkirou.codeberg.page
# Alpine Linux user and package maintainer
# My gemini capsule : gemini://envs.net/~novaburst
# My gopher hole : gopher://tilde.institute/1/~novaburst
# My website : https://tilde.team/~novaburst
# == Metadata ==
# nick = novaburst
# url = https://tilde.team/~novaburst/twtxt.txt
# == Content ==
2021-05-06T21:25:29.000000Z Hiya!
2021-05-06T21:28:13.000000Z I have a guestbook on https://novaburst.tilde.team/guestbook/ , come check it out!
2021-05-06T22:19:23.000000Z Since I can't really have a proper RSS feed I'll use this for updates on my site.
2021-05-07T01:21:53.000000Z Added a new page : site/software.xhtml
2021-05-07T01:25:24.000000Z RSS feed was deprecated in favor of twtxt
2021-05-07T01:25:40.000000Z Added a new quote in site/quotes.xhtml
2021-05-07T01:37:09.000000Z Baobab signed the guestbook!
2021-05-08T01:23:37.000000Z Moved webring from index.xhtml -> site/webring.xhtml
2021-05-09T01:12:22.000000Z Updated server listings for Matrix and XMPP
2021-05-09T01:25:03.000000Z Added a JavaScript notice to my site
2021-05-09T12:55:53-03:00 Pretty Good Pig from XMPP signed the guestbook!
2021-05-18T18:44:56.000000Z I got two new computers today!
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000000Z Today
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000001Z is
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000002Z Sweetmorn,
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000003Z the
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000004Z 5th
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000005Z of
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000006Z Confusion,
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000007Z 3187.
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000008Z Celebrate
2021-05-31T21:36:18.000009Z Syaday
2021-05-31T22:43:17.000000Z I managed to crash luakit because of my website's favicon.ico , LOL
2021-05-31T22:43:38.000000Z Added a new note in /notes/
2021-05-31T22:44:08.000000Z Also I uninstalled Telegram Desktop in favor of Pidgin
2021-05-31T22:45:13.000000Z I have a new section on my site (just on #team) , /mood/
2021-05-31T23:37:36.000000Z The public server lists for [m] and XMPP were moved to to another location
2021-05-31T23:40:43.000000Z The RSS feed experiment failed once again
2021-05-31T23:41:20.000000Z My birthday is on five days from today (May 31)
2021-06-01T10:31:16.000000Z Today is Boomtime, the 6th of Confusion, 3187.
2021-06-01T11:17:18.000000Z Breaking changes: changed file structure for my blog
2021-06-01T20:56:21.000000Z I'm testing new color scheme for my twi copy on my site
2021-06-01T21:44:52.000000Z Removed stuff from my twi copy
2021-06-01T21:46:19.000000Z twtxt official client does suck, txtnish is better from my experience
2021-06-01T21:46:37.000000Z I even packaged it for Alpine Linux
2021-06-01T21:46:55.000000Z That was really worth it
2021-06-01T21:48:22.000000Z I don't really like Gentoo, more specifically their package manager, because it's written in Python and it's so god-damn slow
2021-06-02T01:58:24.000000Z Confusion is probably my favourite season of the Discordian calendar (press X to doubt)
2021-06-02T01:59:12.000000Z https://gitgud.io it's ironic in and of itself because it runs a GitLab , and GitLab sucks
2021-06-02T01:59:54.000000Z Rust is the worst programming language, along with JavaScript in existence
2021-06-02T02:00:30.000000Z GNOME desktop environment kills old computers, fucking hell of a bloated environment
2021-06-02T02:01:48.000000Z JSON stands for JabbaShit Object Notation, which I guess it's the harmless branch of JS itself , and just like JS it's a PITA to write
2021-06-02T02:02:49.000000Z Exa is trash because it apparently aims to replace something as simple like 'ls' with a complex program written in Rust
2021-06-02T02:03:54.000000Z HTML5 is trash, XHTML 1.1 is better
2021-06-02T02:04:40.000000Z I hate how my school taught me C++ instead of C , that's why I hate C++
2021-06-02T02:05:17.000000Z I never got docker to work somehow, I wouldn't bother with it anyways
2021-06-02T02:06:19.000000Z Simple software in general makes me drool
2021-06-02T11:54:32.000000Z Today is Pungenday, the 7th of Confusion, 3187.
2021-06-02T17:06:56.000000Z I got two ebooks of two of the best programming languages out there (C & Go) , also fuck Rust shills
2021-06-03T12:49:17.000000Z Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 8th of Confusion, 3187.
2021-06-03T15:26:32.000000Z I hate how mainstream media infects everything on its way , it already affected the APverse in some way or another
2021-06-03T15:27:02.000000Z Fortunately twtxt isn't affected by all this
2021-06-04T18:20:32.000000Z Recorded a new quote on my QDB
2021-06-04T21:49:39.000000Z Giving a try to https://carbslinux.org as a secondary distro on one of my hosts
2021-06-05T09:36:20.000000Z Today is Setting Orange, the 9th of Confusion, 3187.
2021-06-05T09:38:31.000000Z https://mstdn.social/@novaburst/106357449714000493
2021-06-05T20:20:43.000000Z Today is Sweetmorn, the 10th of Confusion, 3187.
2021-06-05T22:49:47.000000Z We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology. ~ Carl Sagan
2021-06-06T09:45:45.000000Z Two days ago I wrote a tool purely for the jokes : https://gt.kalli.st/novaburst/ip-checker
2021-06-06T09:46:41.000000Z It was in response to a project written in Python
2021-06-06T10:16:57.000000Z I made an rss/atom feed using twtxt2atom but it's kind of meaningless by itself
2021-06-06T10:18:26.000000Z My nick change on AP and XMPP was clearly because of the Confusion season of the Discordian calendar
2021-06-06T10:19:28.000000Z I should've updated my gemini and gopher sites , currently barely doing anything with them
2021-06-07T03:31:19.000000Z Updated screenshot of my Delphine host
2021-06-07T04:03:33.000000Z Updated my Gemini and Gopher sites, after a quite long time
2021-06-07T15:35:00.000000Z Finished cleaning up my Alpine setup of unneeded packages.
2021-06-08T09:19:47.000000Z Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 13th of Confusion, 3187.