Some modified modules for Luakit web browser
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Nova 8ed2c24371 Added wiby search engine 1 week ago
COPYING Added modified files 2 weeks ago
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webview.lua Updated luakit mods 1 week ago
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Contains the following Luakit modules modified :

  • webview.lua
    • changed webview.allow_modal_dialogs to true
    • changed webview.auto_load_images to false
    • changed webview.enable_java to false
    • changed webview.enable_javascript to false
    • changed webview.enable_plugins to false
    • changed webview.media_playback_requires_gesture to true
    • enabled user-agent spoofing
  • window.lua
    • changed application.prefer_dark_mode to true
    • removed from window.search_engines
      • github
      • google
      • imdb
    • added to window.search_engines
      • isle
      • searx
      • spot
      • whoogle
      • wiby


  • make install as root or using doas/sudo , the Makefile makes backups of the original files automatically. To revert the changes run make uninstall