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Updated 2 days ago

file uploader with smtp auth

Updated 1 year ago

A simple gopher daemon written in Golang.

Updated 9 months ago

A sabotaged variant of shokara's simple Gopher server in Golang.

Updated 4 months ago


Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 1 year ago

Useful Tails Automation Scripts for Dotfiles / Configs

Updated 4 weeks ago

my dot files and configs

Updated 2 years ago

Start a wayland compositor

Updated 7 months ago

Retrieves the squared value and square root value of a number.

Updated 2 years ago

Web Radio App

Updated 2 years ago

shokara's own minecraft launcher

Updated 1 year ago

Aoi's ephemeral webspace. It's just there to pretend I have a web presence.

Updated 1 month ago

s0ylent - [about me & contact info]

Updated 1 day ago

A simple RSS feed downloader that saves items in a Maildir

Updated 8 months ago

Theoretical concept of creating and concealing a Remote Access Trojan by 0x00pf pico @https://0x00sec.org/u/0x00pf/summary

Updated 1 year ago

archive of my old prime_image_generator project

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 months ago

Simple networking programs written in C

Updated 2 years ago