Fast, low-level W-OTS+ signatures in rust

Updated 4 weeks ago

Updated 4 months ago

Wakapi fork with SMTP auth.

Updated 2 months ago

file uploader with smtp auth

Updated 2 years ago

A simple gopher daemon written in Golang.

Updated 8 months ago

A sabotaged variant of shokara's simple Gopher server in Golang.

Updated 12 months ago

Teste php

Updated 7 months ago


Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

my dot files and configs

Updated 3 years ago

Start a wayland compositor

Updated 1 year ago

Retrieves the squared value and square root value of a number.

Updated 2 years ago

Shokara's Own Youtube DownLoader

Updated 2 months ago

minimal wiby/little isle-like searx theme

Updated 6 months ago

shokara's own minecraft launcher

Updated 2 years ago

Aoi's ephemeral webspace. It's just there to pretend I have a web presence.

Updated 10 months ago

A simple RSS feed downloader that saves items in a Maildir

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

browseR Benchmark

Updated 2 months ago