Modified version of 4ccEditor for PES for use in ICUP matches.
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4ccEditor is a save file (EDIT00000000) editor for Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer series. At present, it supports save files from PES 2016-PES 2021. This project contains the source code needed to compile 4ccEditor as a Microsoft Visual C++ project.

ICUP version

This version contains modifications to assist use in ICUP (Infinity Cup) events. Because of this, only PES 2017 modifications are made and tested. Compatibility with other releases of PES is unlikely without modification, the original 4chan Cup version should be used instead for those versions.

Changes to origin:

  • Rebranding (to easily differentiate between the official 4ccEditor and this mod)
  • AATF ruleset changed to ICUP rules
  • Players are sorted by team roster order instead of player ID order
  • Squad export and import preserves team game plan settings
  • Warning appears when an imported squad has a different number of players to the current team

4ccEditor depends on libpesXcrypter.dll, a library that can be found in the libpesXcrypter branch of pesXdecrypter.

This project is released under the zlib license. See for details.