Prosody module for onion and i2p federation.
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Fork of mod_onions that adds I2P support.


This plugin allows Prosody to connect to other servers that are running as a Tor or I2P hidden service. Running Prosody on a hidden service works without this module, this module is only necessary to allow Prosody to federate to hidden XMPP servers.

For general info about creating a hidden service, see


This module depends on the bit32 Lua library.

To create a hidden service that can federate with other hidden XMPP servers, first add a hidden serivce to Tor. It should listen on port 5269 and optionally also on 5222 (if c2s connections to the hidden service should be allowed).

Use the hostname that Tor gives with a virtualhost:

VirtualHost "555abcdefhijklmn.onion"
    modules_enabled = { "deepweb" };

Enable it under a clearnet host to allow federation with hidden servers:

VirtualHost ""
    modules_enabled = { "deepweb" };


Name Description Type Default value
onion_socks5_host the host to connect to for Tors SOCKS5 proxy string “”
onion_socks5_port the port to connect to for Tors SOCKS5 proxy integer 9050
i2p_socks5_host the host to connect to for I2Ps SOCKS5 proxy string “”
i2p_socks5_port the port to connect to for I2Ps SOCKS5 proxy integer 4447
deepweb_only forbid all connection attempts to non-"deepweb" servers boolean false
deepweb_tor_all pass all s2s connections through Tor boolean false
onion_map override the address for a host through onion table {}
i2p_map override the address for a host through i2p table {}

By setting onion_map or i2p_map, it is possible to override the address used to connect to a given host with the address of a hidden service. The configuration works as follows:

 onion_map = {
        [""] = "kallist4mcluuxbjnr5p2asdlmdhaos3pcrvhk3fbzmiiiftwg6zncid.onion";

or, to also specify a port:

 onion_map = {
        [""] = { 
        	host = "kallist4mcluuxbjnr5p2asdlmdhaos3pcrvhk3fbzmiiiftwg6zncid.onion",  port= 5269